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World’s first-of-its-kind insurance plan launched

News Release | healthmedicinet

The world’s first global stem cell healthcare plan, CellPlan, was launched today at the World Cord Blood Congress Europe 2016, London.

CellPlan provides those that already store stem cells, and those that want to, with a first of its kind insurance plan and medical concierge service to make stem cell treatment accessible and affordable. Currently, it costs a few thousands of pounds to collect and store stem cells. However, in the event that stem cell treatment is required, the costs can run into the hundreds of thousands of pounds, making it unaffordable for most families. CellPlan’s insurance cover removes this significant cost, providing access to potentially life-saving treatments for less than £15 a month.

The plan is structured across four primary pillars:

  • Expert Consultation: Access the best medical minds and the best treatment centres
  • Medical Certainty: Get the right diagnosis and the right treatment when it is needed
  • Family Protection: Be secure with stem cell healthcare coverage up to $1,000,000
  • Global Resource: Benefit from care and treatment, worldwide

Supported by Best Doctors, a global leader in expert medical opinion, and a community of trusted cord blood banks, CellPlan’s unique policy has the potential to revolutionise and commercialise the stem cell industry. It is anticipated that, as more families are able to store stem cells in the safe knowledge that they can afford to use them, further investment into research will be made, with the knock-on effect of expanding the number of illnesses treatable through this technology.

The service includes a unique global membership programme, Excel, which provides a new standard for cord blood banking professionals with complementary benefits:

  • Community of the best stem cell processing and storage facilities will be an integral part in unlocking the full potential of cord blood banking
  • A cord blood bank must meet CellPlan’s excellent and stringent standards requirements in order to join
  • Excel membership and affiliation has multiple benefits for cord blood banks, including new and recurring revenue opportunities and enhanced service offering

CellPlan CEO Joao Andrade said:

The launch of CellPlan is revolutionary. For the first time families worldwide can take out insurance to protect them against the significant costs associated with stem cell treatment. The number of illnesses that can be treated through stem cell procedures has rapidly increased since 2003 by over 300% to 82, naturally leading to a dramatic increase in the number of stem cell samples being stored worldwide. Although initial collection and storage is relatively affordable, in the unfortunate instance that treatment is required, costs can escalate significantly due to the travel and expertise necessary for accurate diagnosis and the procedure itself. With this in mind, CellPlan democratises the stem cell industry for all, making it more affordable and accessible to families everywhere. Add to this CellPlan’s medical concierge service, aimed at humanising the industry by taking the stress out of seeking diagnosis and arranging for treatment with the right practitioner, and we believe that our customers will feel in safe hands as they focus on making a full recovery.