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The Role of CellPlan in Private Cord Blood Banking and Transplantation

Blog 1 | Dr Peter Hollands


There are currently hundreds of private cord blood banks worldwide collecting, processing and storing cord blood stem cells for potential future use in the treatment of blood disorders within the family. If one of these stored cord blood units is required for treatment then the cost of that treatment could be in excess of £300,000. In some countries healthcare is paid for by the state, such as the NHS in the UK, but even in these countries the required treatment by the best medical teams may be overseas and state funded healthcare does not cover such overseas procedures. The result of this is that most privately stored cord blood stem cells do not get used for treatment because the cost is prohibitive.


CellPlan, a new healthcare insurance product, could provide the solution to this financial and clinical dilemma. Developed by the WideCells Group PLC in collaboration with Best Doctors who have over 25 years’ experience in medical insurance and second medical opinions, CellPlan may be purchased by those families who already have privately stored cord blood stem cells or those people who are planning to collect cord blood at the birth of their next child. The plan provides the following benefits for those family members who require cord blood stem cell transplantation using privately stored cord blood stem cells:


1. A second medical opinion is provided by medical experts in the field of cord blood stem cell transplantation along with a recommendation for the best medical team and transplant centre worldwide for the treatment of the patient.

2. The cost of the transplantation at the recommended treatment centre will be funded by CellPlan along with any additional costs such as return travel, hotels, accompanying person and even an air ambulance if required.

3. If your private cord blood unit does not contain sufficient numbers of cells for transplantation then CellPlan will pay to search and obtain a 'top-up' cord blood unit from a recognised international public cord blood stem cell bank which will be transplanted along with your private cord blood unit.


CellPlan may only be purchased by those people who have stored their cord blood stem cells at a bank which has the required accreditation, this ensures that when a family needs its stored cord blood stem cells for treatment, they will be of optimal quality for transplantation.


CellPlan represents a revolution in private cord blood stem cell transplantation. It will facilitate the transplantation of privately stored cord blood stem cells and take this valuable resource from an under used product to a widely used lifesaving treatment for thousands of people.




Dr Peter Hollands