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CSO's statement in 'The Biologist' about stem cell transplantation

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Our Chief Scientific Officer, Dr Peter Hollands wrote a statement for the journal, 'In the blood' published in 'The Biologist' magazine, in which he talks about cord blood stem cell referred to as transplantations and not tansfusions.

"In the last issue an article on the amazing potential of blood cord stem cells referred to ‘transfusions to save leukaemia patients’ (The Biologist 63(4) p14-17). This should be transplants not transfusions. Transfusion of cord blood is another very interesting but separate field (pioneered by Niranjan Bhattacharya in Calcutta). One of the main problems faced by patients needing a cord blood transplant is the cost of their treatment. We have recently launched a novel medical insurance product called CellPlan which provides funding for the transplantation of privately stored cord blood and to source a second cord blood unit from a public bank should it be needed. CellPlan also covers the costs of participating in clinical trials that are assessing the use of cord blood stem cells in the treatment of other conditions. Educating health care professionals, patients and the public on cord blood stem cell technology is also key to ensuring cord blood is properly utilised. My colleague Alan Greenberg, previously head of education at Apple, is leading the development of WideAcademy, which aims to be the main trusted resource for information and training in stem cell technology including cord blood. Cord blood stem cells have the potential to treat more than 80 different blood disorders and new applications are arising every day. If we can provide the necessary funds for these treatments and provide the education on stem cell technology then cord blood stem cells will achieve their true potential in routine clinical practice. Dr Peter Hollands FRSB, group chief scientific officer, WideCells Group."


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