WideCells Group


WideCells Group PLC and the WideAcademy inspire the next generation of innovators by collaborating with universities on the development and delivery of stem cell short courses for healthcare professionals. It’s all part of WideCells Group’s commitment to fuel cord blood banking and stem cell innovation and create a brighter, healthier future for all.

WideAcademy is the R&D and training department integrated in WideCells. WideAcademy is focused on improving product quality, production efficiency, employee confidence, staff training and competence, developing Stem Cell therapies as well as Stem Cell training programs for health care professionals and targeted population.

WideAcademy allows a continuous redevelopment of processes, procedures and products. It is also a virtual teaching, conference and forum facility for healthcare professionals. The R&D branch of WideAcademy also enables collaborative research and development in stem cell technology.